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"Velvet vs. Leamy" or "Velvet versus Leamy" is the first episode of the first season of the web series Judge Mia, and the first episode overall.

In this episode, Velvet sues Leamy, because she claims he stole her money from her purse.


Velvet Ponyschneigger claims that Julian "Leamy" Lemurton hacked into her bank account and stole all of her money. Leamy denies it. Judge Mia then asks Velvet, "how did Leamy see your credit card if he didn't get it out of your purse?" Velvet then responds by saying she has mints in her purse. Leamy cuts in and confides that he looked in her purse. Mia then concludes that Velvet stole money from her own bank account just to get more money from suing. Velvet then transforms into Humungosaur and attacks the courthouse. While all this is happening, Buck stars in some amusing commercials.




Commercial 0101
Commercial 0102
Commercial 0103






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