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  2. REDIRECT Template:Similar articles The Bananomanomans was a short-lived comedy-drama webseries and the first spin-off of Judge Mia. It featured the lives of Mia's daughter's family. The series aired only one episode on January 11, 2012[2]. It was put on hiatus for almost 14 months, until it was finally cancelled officially in May 2013, the same month Judge Mia ended.

    A revival attempt, The Bananomanomans: Again, was put into production in August 2014. A full season of 10 episodes was ordered. The revival was later cancelled during pre-production without releasing its pilot episode.


  1. "The New Doo"
  2. "Bong!"[3] (unreleased)
  3. "Hotel A Le Monk"[4] (unreleased)

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