1. REDIRECT Template:Real worldA product actor or toy actor is the product used to portray a character created by Stuffie Studios or Northsouth Productions. These studios used stuffed animals to portray the characters instead of living actors or animation. This production style is known as live-action puppetry.

Products usedEdit

Most major producers of stuffed animals are the providers of product actors. This includes Build-A-Bear, Webkinz, Ty (Beanie Baby), and Aurora.


Because product actors are naturally inanimate, living intervention is used to make it seem like the characters move on their own. This is usually just a human hand making the toy move as the character talks.

Actor identityEdit

In some instances of live-action puppetry, the toys themselves are given names. A character is created for the actor that portrays the character. An example of this is Mama Mia Redford, a toy sock monkey that played Judge Mia on Judge Mia, who is staged to appear to exist outside of the series.