Not to be confused with the City of Monkeytown, or the webseries of the same name.

The neighborhood of Monkeytown is a middle-class residential neighborhood located on the far northwest side of the city of Monkeytown, across Monkeytown Creek. It is commonly confused with the city of Monkeytown itself. The neighborhood was developed after the Quackmire vs. Monkeytown decision which allowed other species to move into the city. Many middle-class monkeys living in the urban core moved out and built up a truly monkey-exclusive subdivision, leaving poorer lower species in Downtown. Many of the Monkeytown characters live in this neighborhood, including Buck Snortleson and his family, Ping Ching Ling Ming, Carl Schwartz, Old Man Methuselah, and Dickens. The neighborhood is governed by a homeowners' association, lead by President Dickens. The neighborhood is bounded by Monkeytown Creek to the west, and Yonkers Road to the south.

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