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Matilda Redford (formerly known as Matilda Bananomanoman) was the daughter of Judge Mama Mia Redford, and the mother of Marley and Maggie Bananomanoman. She was uptight and protective of her children, as well as stern and commanding of her mother and peers.


Matilda Redford was born to Mama Mia and Reynolds Redford, a monkey couple living in Yonkers, Furria. Reynolds was a farmer known for Reynold's Farm (later Reynold's Park), and Mia was a judge. As a child or young adult, Matilda's father went camping and died. His body was washed away by a flood many years later and WAS never recovered.

When Matilda was an adult, she met Murphy Bananomanoman. The couple got married, and later had twins Marley and Maggie. Matilda and Murphy bought their own home, allowing Matilda's widowed mother to live with them. Matilda, Murphy, Marley, Maggie, and Mia lived under the same roof for a number of years.

After Matilda's mother's reality TV series was cancelled, Matilda and her daughter, Maggie, opened Mother Daughter Fake Bananas, a banana producing company. Matilda's mother moved to a retirement home. Matilda and Murphy got a divorce, and Murphy moved out of the house. Inklings of their divorce had been touched upon in "Croakella vs. Schnauzette", when Matilda and Murphy reveal that they have been going to marriage counseling. Matilda reverted her named from Matilda Bananomanoman to Matilda Redford, her maiden name. Matilda and Maggie's banana business underwent a massive rebranding. It was retitled Monkey's Pride, and began to sell authentic bananas as well as artificial. Matilda became the full time CEO of Monkey's Pride.

Physical appearanceEdit

Matilda was a slender monkey, and it taller than most people she was compared to. Most of her body was gray with white speckles, while her hands and feet are completely white. She has a large snout with a sliver of redness in the middle.


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