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Mabel Sockscalp, née Tiffany, (died 1274) was the mother of Mia Redford, and the wife of Maurice Sockscalp. She came from the Tiffany family, a wealthy family of business owners famous for Walter Tiffany Charter School (a school named after Mabel's grandfather), and a prominent family in the high society of Furrington, Furria. Mabel's daughter, Mia, attended Walter Tiffany Charter School in the early 1260s.[1]

When Mabel's daughter married Reynolds Redford in 1263, who was from a very poor family, Mabel supported the marriage, and was happy for her daughter. However, Maurice, Mabel's husband, did not support the marriage.

In 1274, Mabel was hosting a charity auction in Furrington. At the same time, a mentally ill person escaped a local asylum and somehow got a gun. The mentally ill person came into the charity auction and opened fire on the wealthy bidders. Mabel was shot and killed.[1]

Mabel's great-granddaughter, Magdalen Florence Mabel Capapasosa Bananomanoman, is named after her.[1]


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