Jackson Ferguson Pillsbury[1] (b. November 9, 1266[1]) was a police officer at the Monkeytown Police Station, and the father of Gordon Pillsbury.


Jackson Ferguson Pillsbury was born to Ellis and Martha Pillsbury on November 9, 1266 in Samua. He had a brother, Darren Pillsbury.[1]

Jackson married Wanda Tamarin in 1289,[1] and they later had a son, Gordon Pillsbury, on April 18, 1295.[3] At some point, Jackson became a police officer at the Monkeytown Police Station.

In 1336,[4] Jackson played a role in the confiscation of the Snortleson children from their family when Karen and Buck Snortleson were found incapable of parenting.[5] He, along with Doris Harpinsquire, represented Child Protective Services of Furria in the Child Protective Services of Furria v. Buck and Karen Snortleson case.[6]




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