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"Custody Wars: Part 2" is the ninth episode of the first season of Monkeytown, and the ninth episode overall. It is the final episode of Season 1.

In this episode, "tensions mount in the Snortleson family as Buck and Karen prepare for the custody hearing, and Bradley and Jasmine find themselves trapped at their insane grandmother's house. Meanwhile, Taylor steals Jasmine's date with Bruce."[3]


After the release of Part 1 in summer 2015, production on Part 2 was intentionally stalled due to time constraints.[citation needed] The wait period between parts has been highly criticized for being roughly three months long.

On October 5, 2015, it was announced that Bennett Joel would be co-writing the episode along with resident screenwriter Samuel Anderson. The new writer said, "I wrote most of the scenes involving Jasmine, Taylor, and Bruce. Let's just say...all three of them start getting even more vicious, and it does not end well for'll be shocked."[4]

Filming finally began on October 6, 2015,[5] and the Monkeytown Facebook page released a statement saying that the episode would be released on October 31, 2015. However, the post was deleted on October 29, and the release date was tentatively rescheduled to November 7, 2015.[6]


The titlecard used to represent the episode in the trailer.

On November 3, 2015, the Monkeytown Facebook page posted a link to the official "Custody Wars: Part 2" trailer on YouTube.[7] The trailer gave a preview of many scenes from Part 2, including setting a new release date: November 11, 2015.[8]

On November 11, 2015, a limited audience was given an exclusive screening of the episode.[citation needed] Unlike the trailer had promised, the episode was not released online until November 13, 2015.[3]


Buckclean "I want your room clean when I get back!"

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Karen woke up and assumed that the events of "Custody Wars: Part 1" were a nightmare. She noticed that Jasmine and Bradley were not in the house, and she panicked She met Buck in the kitchen, who tried to calm her down by giving her tea. Overwhemled, Karen gasped and crumpled to the ground.

Meanwhile, Doris Harpingsquire, Jackson Pillsbury, Jasmine Snortleson, and Bradley Snortleson were riding in the police car. After Jasmine's complaints, Doris explained that Child Protective Services was giving the children to Queen Kong Snortleson, their grandmother.

Back at the Snortleson house, Karen was having an explosive tantrum after she realized that her "nightmare" was true. Karen and Buck started to blame each other, and the argument heated up. Karen threw Buck against the wall, breaking a family photo. Buck finally pleaded with Karen, and convinced her to calm down. Buck reminded Karen of the custody hearing, and assured her that they would get their children back.

The police car pulled up to a a small house in shambles. Jasmine, Bradley, Doris, and Jackson got out of the car and were introduced to Queen Kong.


Background characters 


Copyright issuesEdit

On May 2, 2018[citation needed] or sometime earlier, the episode was taken off YouTube due to a copyright violation. It is not clear what warranted the violation besides the fact that is content from Warner Music Group. The episode has not been lost, and still exists as a downloaded file. Stuffie Studios is currently trying to remedy the situation and make the episode watchable again.[9]




  • To date, this is the longest episode from any Miaverse web series.



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