Chad Gross[note 1] is a slender male lemur, the ex-boyfriend of Karen Bonobo-LaChillz. Repeatedly called "seductively snake-like", Chad's long limbs and slender body allowed him to move slyly, almost slithering. His trademark exit was doing a back flip ("Custody Wars: Part 1").


At one time. Chad had a relationship with Karen Bonobo. The couple somehow broke up, and Karen went on to marry Buck Snortleson.

Later, after Karen had had two children with Buck, Chad came to Karen's house. He was greeted at the door by Jasmine Snortleson, Karen and Buck's daughter. Chad somehow already knew Jasmine's name, yet he assumed that Karen still went by Karen Bonobo, her maiden name. Disturbed, Jasmine did not let Chad inside the house. Not long after, Chad came to door once again, this time greeted by Karen herself. Chad expressed to Karen his want for them to get back together, but Karen rejected him. Chad left, telling Karen that "there is no escape" ("Custody Wars: Part 1").

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Chad's full name was listed as "Chad Brandon Gross" in an official Monkeytown Facebook post. The post was later deleted, and that information is no longer canon.[1]
  • In a deleted official Monkeytown Facebook post, Chad was listed as the biological father of Jasmine McGwire. This suggests that Chad was originally intended to be revealed as Jasmine's true father, but the idea was scrapped and Buck was reinforced as Jasmine's father in "Custody Wars: Part 2."[1]
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  1. In a Facebook post, Chad's middle name was revealed to be Brandon. However, the post was later deleted.