The following is a list of characters Buck Snortleson portrays in Judge Mia commercials.

Commercial 0101Edit

Buck portrays a female ape in Commercial 0101 as the daughter of Guacamolito Scumicimodito's character. Buck's character's father asks Buck's character what she is drawing. Buck's character begins to explain as a narrator says how teacher children can teach a child how to read. Buck's character's father asks "What's that crazy creature?", and Buck's character replies "That's you, Daddy". Buck's character attacks her father, and the commercial ends with a "Please Stand By" titlecard.

Buck reprised this character in Commercial 0202.

Commercial 0102Edit

Buck and Honey bear
  1. REDIRECT Template:Nfc portray two children rapidly talking about the things they purchased from Furco.

Commercial 0103Edit

Buck plays a child walking with his/her father, when the mother asks "Do you know what time it is? Rom tom." The child and his/her father exchanged rhyming phrases while a narrator explains that teaching a child how to read will teach your child how to read. The father then says, suddenly, "What's that crazy creature?". The child says "That's you, Daddy," and attacks the father. The commercial ends with a "Please Stand By" titlecard.

Commercial 0201Edit

Buck plays a monkey whose hand (apparently supposed to be wearing mittens) slowly moves past the screen. A narrator says, "Mittens. They keep your hands warm."